+Ariana's parents were going to name Ariana, Sophia. Although sticking with Ariana, her name was inspired by Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat.

+Ariana has never had a Twinkie.

+Ariana's first role that began her carrier was on Broadway 13 (she was actually 14 when all of the other actors and actresses were supposed to be 13) One of her co-stars, Liz Gillies, was also on 'Victorious'

+Ariana will be releasing a fragrance called 'Ari '

+Ariana wants to start a dog farm

+Ariana's grandfather had many kinds of cancer throughout his life.

+Ariana prefers Halloween over Christmas.

Ariana is currently working on a new album rumored to be named moonlight.

Ariana said she was spoiled as a child.

Ariana's character on Scream Queens is named Katherine or Chanel #2 and is 19

Ariana loves to bake

Ariana loves when her fans hug her lie they know her.

Ariana is currently on her Honeymoon tour.

Ariana doesnt have a middle name but has 2 last names

When Ariana was little she called Nickelodeon Studios and asked if she could be on the tv show 'All That'

Ariana goes to South Africa once a year to teach children to sing and dance

Ariana has a photo album in her phone called 'The Luvs' and it has over 4000 picture in it

While on 'Victorious" Ariana had to legally sign her hair over to Nickelodeon

Ariana gets in trouble for releasing dates

Grandpa Grande called Ariana 'Bellissima' which means beautiful in Italian

Ariana's last name is pronounced 'Grandie' and Ariana and Frankie are the only 2 who pronounce it 'Granday'

Ariana has 5 dogs

Ariana recently had to give away Fawkes because she wasn't getting along with the other dogs.

Ariana's favorite red carpet moment was when she met Kim Kardashian

Ariana's favorite movies are 'Bruce Almighty,' 13 going on 30, american beauty, and many more clasics

Ariana's biggest fear is that the loves (her fans) will forget about her

Ariana got her 3 remaining wisdom teeth taken out on July 6th, 2015

Ariana never babysat a child even tho her character on 'Sam & Cat' played a babysitter

Ariana became 100% vegan on November 3, 2013

'Break Free' will be on the ice age 2016 soundtrack

Ariana's favorite colors are marshmallow white, lavender, pale pink, periwinkle, and sea foam green

Ariana's song 'Problem' was featured on the Disney show KC undercover

Ariana was on an episode of brain-surge that aired on April 21, 2011

Ariana cant stand when you smile at a stranger and they don't smile back

In the past Ariana collected stuffed animals, masks, and hockey pucks.

Ariana has a birthmark on her left shoulder / back

'Yours Truly' reached #1 in less than 15 minutes of its release

Ariana has a demo cd that wasnt released even after 5 years including songs like Rollercoaster, Higher, and Let It Rain

Ariana attended North Broward Prepatory School and once recorded her teacher yelling at her

Ariana spent 4th of July with her rumored boyfriend, Ricky and his family

Ariana is not allergic to cats and has no clue how that rumor got started, she actually plans on getting one

Ariana was the voice of an italian charactet on Family Guy

Ariana prefers singing over acting

Ariana was born at 9:16

Ariana doesnt like how the word hate is thrown around